General Aviation

Around December of 2011 I got it into my head that it would be really worthwhile to pursue a Private Pilot License.  My mom got her PPL in the 90's before passing away in 2003.  I figured that my interest in paragliding would overlap somewhat and each activity could mutually benefit one another.  So far I really am enjoying the adventure, and it's pretty neat sharing the experience with my mom in a way.

I am learning from a great guy named Cecil Chapman who teaches out of Trade Winds Aviation at Reid-Hillview Airport in San Jose.  I've been learning using traditional instrumentation, and will leave learning in a "glass cockpit" until a bit later when I can better appreciate it.

My short to midterm aviation goals are:
  1. Private Pilot's License certificate - Completed!
  2. Tailwheel endorsement
  3. Complex/high performance endorsement
  4. Instrument rating