I started paragliding in 2005 while still living in San Luis Obispo.  My instructor at the time was Tom Morris, and he did a very good job of emphasizing safety and good judgement.  A little under a year after starting to learn from Tom, he signed me off as a P-2 (Novice) rated paraglider pilot.

I moved up to Oakland in 2007 after accepting an offer for a very demanding job in San Francisco.  The regional move combined with ongoing night classes consumed absolutely all of my free time and paragliding just had to go on pause.  Then in 2010 I relocated down to San Jose for a new job, and discovered that I was a mere 15 minute drive from Ed Levin Park.  In early 2011 I met up with an excellent local instructor named Wally Anderson and committed myself to becoming proficient.  I was out at Ed Levin every weekend for sled rides, kiting, and generally working on building my confidence and skill.

In April of 2012 Wally signed me off as a P-3 (Intermediate) rated paraglider pilot, and I started venturing up to Mussel Rock for some well earned coastal soaring.  After quite a few thermalling adventures and many additional hours of airtime Wally signed me off as a P-4 (Advanced) rated paraglider pilot in April of 2013.  This year my primary goals are to take an SIV course at Lake Berryessa and to continue to improve my active flying skills and landing accuracy.

I believe paragliding can be as safe as you choose to make it.  In paragliding most of the risk can be averted by good judgement and good decision making... most of this happens well before launch.